CMI Cosmetic Manufacturers Inc.


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Concord, Ontario  L4K 4R8
Phone: (905) 879-1264
Toll Free: 1-888-264-7546
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Business Hours:
Monday to Saturday:
10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (EST)

Company Profile
Valerie Dumont is the owner, founder, researcher, scientist, developer and president of CMI Cosmetic Manufacturers Inc. She has been successfully manufacturing and marketing products for the skin care, body care, hair care, colour cosmetics, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries for more than 25 years.

Valerie Dumont has produced her own extensive lines of skin care products and has created, researched and developed products for well known cosmetic companies worldwide, integrating diverse techniques and procedures implemented by the cosmetics industry. Her extensive knowledge of the different ingredients and formulations has enhanced her solid expertise in the business. She is exceedingly motivated and has managed to cultivate a flair for recognizing what is effective, sought after and marketable in the intensely competitive world of cosmeceuticals, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals.

Manufacturing Experience
Valerie Dumont has gone on to create her own celebrated lines of skin care products with formulations that have become top sellers. She is current and conversant with the state-of-the-art equipment used in the manufacturing of today's skin care products. She has also gained valuable knowledge on how to effectively source the large number of ingredients needed to produce these cutting-edge products.

Over the years, Valerie Dumont has gained solid experience in manufacturing and producing many cosmeceutical, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products for leading companies, medical clinics, esthetics clinics, as well as top name retail cosmetics companies around the world. Although the name CMI Cosmetic Manufacturers Inc. may not appear on many product labels, it is known and trusted throughout the industry and around the world.

Valerie Dumont currently works in her laboratory located in Concord, Ontario, Canada, creating products for many brand name companies around the world. CMI has a Drug Establishment License and owns the rights to many DIN (Drug Identification Number) products under the CMI name. In addition, Ms. Dumont and her expert team of chemists and pharmaceutical scientists have obtained DINs for many clients. These ventures have been put to good use in her ongoing research into discovering the secret behind the "fountain of youth".

Valerie Dumont travels around the world to meet with colleagues and world-renowned scientists, to find innovative plant and seaweed extracts, DNA and cellular active ingredients in biochemistry and pharmacology for local, topical and nutritional applications.

Success Stories
Some of Valerie Dumont's successful skin care lines include Sun Therapy™, Peel Therapy™, Wipe n' Tan™ (a world patented product) and various other product lines seen coast to coast in Canada, the United States and Europe on live television, adding up to more than a thousand hours of combined air time. These inspired and effective products have taken the world by storm and are selling out each time Valerie makes a television appearance! In addition, the Oxygen Botanicals™ product line is sold in medical offices and in the most renowned skin care clinics and spas the world over. Valerie Dumont has developed a beauty therapy that introduces pure Oxygen Vitamin "O" into the skin to actually help slow down the aging process. "Every cell in the body must have oxygen to live; oxygen cleanses the cells and assists our immune system in keeping our bodies youthful, healthy and free of disease, so why shouldn't the skin get the maximum benefit from it too?"

Fifty-two bio-molecular engineers worked in concert to develop technology that can actually suspend pure stabilized oxygen molecules (encapsulated in catezome structures) in emulsions (wet/dry) and serums that are readily absorbed into the skin. Oxygen is stabilized in an emulsion and it disburses upon movement, thereby increasing the flow of oxygen to the skin.

Valerie Dumont, accompanied by her team of scientists, has been traveling the world lecturing on the benefits of the Oxygen Botanicals™ skin care products and new research developments. Valerie Dumont may have become a successful pioneer in the dynamic world of cosmeceuticals, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals, but she doesn't intend to rest on her laurels.

A strong work ethic, dedication, unwavering energy, a keen sense of direction and the ability to strive toward bigger and better goals is what sets Valerie Dumont and CMI apart from the competition.